Dr. Liberman worked miracles on my eyes! When I met him my eyes tested at 20/80. After a lifetime of not wearing glasses, I was hopeful my eyes could improve, as I had enjoyed better than 20/20 vision for 47 years. Dr. Liberman recommended vision training and glasses to relax my eyes, and within six weeks my vision was back to 20/15. It has now been three years and my eyesight is still 20/15.” — S.S., Maui, HI

I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Jacob Liberman after several unsuccessful consultations with other eye professionals regarding eye muscle fatigue. Dr. Liberman’s knowledge and expertise, along with the EYEPORT System, provided me with the results that I ultimately achieved. My eyes have regained significant stamina and I have reduced prism usage. Thank you Dr. Liberman.”
— C.W., New York City, NY

I received my EYEPORT last week, started using it yesterday, and just cannot believe how effective it has been so far. I have been doing eye exercises (Dr. Bates’ Method) since 2000, have had a series of color therapy sessions with one doctor, vision training with another doctor, used a computer vision training system for a few years, tried several natural vision improvement approaches, read many books on the subject, and even used brain training. Everything I tried worked. For a time, I would see some improvement, and then reach a plateau, knowing more improvement was possible. I believed that somewhere out there was a tool that would make this possible. And here it is — the EYEPORT. I am amazed at the improvement I achieved in just two sessions. My world has opened up — everything is bigger and clearer. My posture is changing. I went out for a walk and was able to see in the distance very clearly. My eyes are working better together. It’s remarkable! There’s no eyestrain when I look in the distance or at the computer, and my brain seems to be processing faster. Thank you so much for inventing this tool and making it available.” — C.R., Canada

Several months ago, I had a phone consult with Dr. Liberman. I now can read three more lines than a year ago and my prescription has reduced.”
— S.R., Germany

I am using the program and feeling great. Previously I was not able to read more than 10 minutes. Now I can read more than 20 minutes and that occurred in less than a week. My eyes feel more powerful and I am able to retain what I read. I feel very confident!” — D.S., San Diego, CA

As you spoke at the TEDx Conference, your words and thoughts reached out with such a quiet, yet luminous intimacy that the entire space was filled with your gift of awareness.” — D.M., Maui, HI

I have known Dr. Liberman for many years. He has empowered many people, including me, to overcome the need for glasses. His innovations have proven to be right on track. Anyone who wants to improve their vision and their life should see this man. I am an eye doctor and he has made a big improvement in my life.”
— S.J., Aurora, IL

Your deep healing intensive taught me for the first time what it means to really live in the flow of life.” — S.M., England

Working with you gave me a much greater feeling of connectedness and love for all of life. The change was instantaneous”. — S.H., Australia

I was so changed by your evening presentation that I couldn’t sleep all night. For the next two days my energy was fragmented and disorganized as things shook up and down. On the third day, I had an enormous breakthrough and release of an old, ancient pattern. Hooray and THANK YOU JACOB!”
— A.D., New York City, NY

You are responsible for a spontaneous remission of poor vision. After listening to your words, I could see without my glasses. Though this is probably a repeat of what others tell you, it happened to my eyes. Since listening to your talk, I have not worn my glasses to see.” — M.G., Charlottesville, VA

Jacob flows like a river and is always available. The experience is rhythmic, alive and spontaneous.” — R.W., Roanoke, VA

By the time you get this note you will already be immersed in a new experience. But I didn’t want you to forget how many people you touched in Miami. I watched so many that I have known for a long time begin to taste their own spirituality. I was warmed by your gentleness and humility… qualities easily lost in the process of teaching.” — M.P., Miami, FL

Thank you, Jacob, for the love you emanate. It creates a profound space of expansiveness in which to heal. After returning home, I found it impossible to put my experience into words. I realize there are no words – it can only be felt.”
— R.M., Aspen, CO

Do you have any idea what you have done for me? I am very lucky to have met you and to have been in your presence. Thank you for all you said and did. My life will never be the same.” — S.C., England

Witnessing your ‘being’ during the Calgary workshop was like receiving a wondrous gift one always knew existed but had yet to see materialized. You were beautiful in your scrubbed-clean essentialness. Those who live and work near enough to you to allow continuance of relationship are very fortunate.”
— S.F., Calgary, Canada

I am touched by who you are, your capacity for compassion and love, your profound generosity and sensitivity, your willingness to be vulnerable and share your truth to the core of your being. You are a wonderful role model for me — my teacher, my mentor and most of all, my friend.” — A.J., Melbourne, Australia

My experience of being with Jacob is that his clarity and sharing break down my pretensions – unconscious as they are – of being more special than others – making others conform to my demands – soft spoken or covertly manipulated. I am shocked when his insights uncover the wool from my carefully shielded eyes. I am humbled and quieted as I await a new level of homeostasis.” — J.E., Aspen, CO

I have been processing insights for the past 24 hours. At the risk of sounding grandiose, I feel that one of the reasons Jacob came to Cleveland was because my spiritual guide knew how bad I needed him. I got what I came here for and much more.” — K.K., Cleveland, OH

Our youngest son was squinting and struggling with his vision. Fortunately, we live near Dr. Liberman and I knew of his revolutionary approach to remediating vision problems. After meeting with my son who was seeing 20/60, Dr. Liberman recommended stress-reducing glasses and vision training. After just one week, my son’s vision had improved to better than 20/20, and has remained at that level for the past three years. Our family is eternally grateful to Dr. Liberman for his caring guidance.” — B.G., Maui, HI

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