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Color Therapy Masterclass Replay

Color Therapy Masterclass Replay

Learn about the art and science of color therapy with Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman in his first online Color Therapy Masterclass. In this immersive 3-hour program, you’ll learn about light, vision and consciousness and its application to color therapy.


Using his 28-Day Protocol designed for the Spectral Receptivity System III (SRS III), the course contains a comprehensive Q&A along with hands-on guidance for using the SRS III at home and with your clients.  To learn more about Dr. Liberman’s discoveries and the SRS III for use with this masterclass, click here.


Your purchase provides lifetime access to this video replay, however the PDF which includes the replay link must be downloaded within 30 days.


Also, you must be subscribed to the mailing list to receive the replay link. At checkout, please keep "Send me marketing communications via email or SMS" checked. Otherwise, you will not receive these important details.

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