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“LUMINOUS LIFE is a 20/20 lens through which
we are able to see — perhaps for the very first time —
the luminous nature of existence, of presence, of Self.”
— Michael Bernard Beckwith

“LUMINOUS LIFE is an exploration into light
and consciousness and helps us to see their impact
on every aspect of our humanity.”
— Deepak Chopra, MD

“A brilliant synthesis of modern science
and philosophical wisdom."
— Bruce H. Lipton, PhD



"There are many paths to explore consciousness. Dr. Liberman’s path — the path of light and vision —

is beautifully explored in LUMINOUS LIFE. I highly recommend this book!”
— Amit Goswami, PhD

Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman  is an author, speaker and pioneer
in the fields of light, vision and consciousness.

Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman


"Behind the disguise of brevity

and simplicity lie pearls

of distilled spiritual truths —

truths to be cherished, to be shared and, above all, to be lived." 
— Eckhart Tolle  




"Jacob offers himself as a companion

on a journey that is personal and unscripted. His guidance is that of

co-pilot, sharing in a deep and spontaneous way as can happen on

a meaningful road trip. Each person who has this special opportunity will feel that they have been met, seen,

and cared for by a loving friend." 

— Mentorship Client  

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Dr Jacob Liberman with Open Arms

"Jacob Liberman

is one of my

 favorite teachers!" 

— Louise Hay

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