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Dr Jacob Liberman at the Beach

         Heart to Heart


“It was as if

I was hearing

my own voice.”
Ram Dass

Jacob Israel Liberman has impacted audiences worldwide by sharing only what he knows by heart. He imparts his insights with spontaneity and warmth, revealing the magic that occurs when one jumps into life without a net. As a speaker, he has shared his insights with more than 2,000 audiences worldwide, and is recognized as one whose words alone have facilitated powerful shifts in his listeners.

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I first encountered Dr. Jacob Liberman when he was sitting on stage at a conference in which 450 people dedicated to spiritual development were listening. This is what one might humorously call a ‘tough crowd.’ Jacob started to speak to those assembled and very shortly the room fell silent and was quite literally vibrating with the energy he was generating on stage – all by himself. If I hadn’t witnessed it, I might not have believed it. This wasn’t a speech that was ‘inspiring', as I might normally use that word. Nor was it dramatic. It was something else. It was a bit like a dream state – not one in which there was a fog-bound sensation or image. In fact, it was quite the opposite. There was a presence in the room, a state of clarity Jacob created that permeated the entire space and the consciousness of all the people in it. I felt it and I was conscious of those around me enough to know that everyone else felt it as well. I couldn’t tell you how long he spoke but when he was done, I knew I had experienced something different. His capacity to generate that clarity in such a large audience was remarkable. I am known as a good public speaker. Jacob is one who is masterful.
— Wayne H. Miller, Founder & CEO, Nura Life Sciences

Jacob Liberman speaks Truth, Beauty and the highest, purest teachings on what constitutes

a luminous and full life.  It is always a joy and inspiration to have him with us.

— Sandy Levine, Senior Program Director, New York Open Center

We were fortunate to have Jacob Liberman speak recently at Center for Spiritual Living Seattle

and were thrilled with his time in our community. His inspired message and presence resonated

in such a beautiful way with our guests. He’s a rare speaker who combines his intellectual insights, professional experience, personal exploration and profound inner sight into a deeply soulful presentation that touched people beyond the words and ideas. Articulate, compelling, honest, wise, charming and humorous are a few of the word used to describe him. I am, and

we are, grateful to have had him spend time with us.

— Rev. Patric A. Creelman, Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, Center for Spiritual Living Seattle

Dr. Jacob Liberman has a grounded Presence that is second-to-none....Our community

absolutely loved him and raved about his message and the workshop that he facilitated....

I highly recommend him as an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator. He has priceless, practical transformative gifts to share!

— Rev Karen Fry, Co-Spiritual Director, Center For Spiritual Living Dallas

As you spoke at the TEDx Conference, your words and thoughts reached out with such a quiet, yet luminous intimacy that the entire space was filled with your gift of awareness.
— D.M., TEDx Maui Audience Member

Dr. Jacob Liberman speaks from his heart and creates a magical energy field for healing

and expansion. If you have a chance to be in his presence, you will be profoundly inspired.

— Dr. Sam Berne

I had the honor of welcoming and introducing Dr. Jacob Liberman at Unity Temple on the Plaza

in Kansas City, Missouri this spring.  I found him to be down-to-earth and absolutely delightful.  

He has an amazing presence and a captivating message that left a remarkable impression on our congregation. I encourage every Unity and New Thought Center to embrace him and his wisdom.

— Rev. Sandra Wayne Campbell, Associate Minister, Unity Temple on the Plaza


After listening to your words, I could see without my glasses. Though this is probably a repeat

of what others tell you, it happened to my eyes. Since listening to your talk, I have not worn my glasses to see. 
— M.G., Charlottesville, VA

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