"The sensitivity, deep humanity, and exquisite insight contained in
Dr. Liberman's wonderful work make it a manual for a whole new order of being." 

Jean Houston

Dr. Liberman is a pioneer in optimizing 

human potential. His life-changing work

reduces stress and increases performance

and productivity. A “teacher’s teacher”, 

Dr. Liberman blends keen perception, 

cutting-edge technology, and heartfelt 

wisdom to provide guidance for both 

individuals and corporations.

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I really enjoyed our consultation. It saved me years of wandering. 
— Dr. Stanley Applebaum

Before I started working with Jacob I was feeling stuck in almost every area of my life, and had been for some time. I was frustrated with the status quo but felt unable to make changes. Within a few sessions, I had a new job, new car and had started a new relationship. Jacob helped me remember who I truly am and what I am capable of, and guided me step by step as I navigated some difficult areas and moved to new levels of success and fulfillment. He is a visionary who imparts wisdom that is both practical and spiritual.
— S.J., Australia