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Dr Jacob Liberman Eyes Closed

Presence is Contagious

"Jacob Liberman… guides us into a powerfully new view of ourselves,
our relationships and our inner and outer vision.”
      John Gray, PhD


Mentorship is the process of taking someone under your wing and guiding them toward their maximum potential. It is not therapy, counseling or coaching, but rather a unique relationship with a trusted advisor, providing insights that give rise to clarity. Dr. Liberman specializes in mentoring leaders, whose vision and work in the world sets the course for others. Sessions take place via Zoom. 

To learn more about mentoring, please

Jacob offers himself as a companion on a journey that is personal and unscripted.  His guidance is that

of a co-pilot who sees the road and surroundings that you are traveling, riding alongside you, sharing

in a deep and spontaneous way as can happen on a meaningful road trip.  His explicit commitment to mutual exchange enables him to bring his own wisdom, observation and advice with an open hand, as fellow traveler rather than a tour guide.  He is gentle and genuine in sharing of himself, and honest and open in his perspective on what he sees of your journey.  I have the impression that each person who has this special opportunity will have a uniquely personal experience and will feel that they have been met, seen, and cared for by a loving friend.

— A.D., California

Mentoring with Dr. Liberman is one of the best things I have ever done. It has opened me up and changed my entire life in ways I could have never imagined. I highly recommend it for anyone who

wants to "see" what life is really about.

— B.G., United Kingdom 


What I experienced with Dr Liberman was so much more than I bargained for. He got to the heart of the matter, which went so much deeper than my eyesight (which also improved in the time we were working together). In his nonjudgmental and loving way, he helped me move forward and reconnect with not only my birthright, but that of every single human on this planet. I feel very lucky to have had the direct experience of being guided by Dr Liberman. He is truly a spiritual teacher. 

— C.C., Canada

I am mentoring with Dr. Liberman and have experienced a profound systemic shift. Jacob raises the frequency of those around him to the purity of his own presence. The future of healing on all levels is

being developed through such endeavors. I am supremely grateful for Jacob’s work, passion, and purity. 

— K.E., Illinois

I first approached Jacob because I wanted to improve my vision. Little did I know that, in a matter of weeks, my idea of vision would change in ways I had never imagined before. With each passing week,

not only did my vision relax and expand, but my life also relaxed and expanded in profound ways. The clarity with which I see now is not just visual clarity; it is an inner clarity of knowing. I am seeing my own true self, hearing my own authentic voice, and being guided back to a place I had seemingly forgotten but which I had never left. It is a place that is home, and is actually within me. Thank you

for reflecting back to me my own beautiful image in all its glory. Above all, thank you for allowing me

to see myself in another - which is the deepest, most profound experience of love.

— J.C., California

Working with Jacob has been a gift from the universe. I learned and was inspired by his book

Luminous Life and from hearing him speak, but mentoring with him has taken my understanding

and learning to a depth I could not have anticipated because I did not know it was possible. Jacob

helps me get in touch with my essence, my true nature, and I feel fully alive and a sense of natural

ease. And those feelings last well beyond the session. Jacob has also taught me to see times when

I am disturbed differently. I have learned to embrace my disturbance, not as a technique to get rid

of it, but as a way of connecting to all of my humanity. From my humanity, I remember that I am

not alone in my experience. Paradoxically, my disturbances do not last very long because I don't

feed them the fuel they need to continue. Choosing to work with Jacob felt like a bold decision

when the idea first came to me. It has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
K.F., Virginia

Through the mentorship program, I have had the opportunity to see myself as I am and feel an inner contentment with my being. Words cannot really describe the experience. It is like entering a light

space and seeing all that I thought was wrong with me as just a belief that is not mine, but something

I acquired. Each session has brought me closer to a healthier and more loving space that brings peace. 

It's like coming home to the most precious being with love and one's self. 

H.R., New York

Dr. Liberman healed my soul. His practical wisdom and guidance helped me transform on the deepest level. He is a gift to humanity and I am proud to call him my teacher, mentor and friend.
— P.L., Arizona

I was struck with a bolt of profound resonance during my preliminary conversation with Jacob. I just 'knew' — and that 'knowing' quickly turned into trust, friendship and kinship. Our sessions took on the

quality of 'transmissions of love and truth' that would linger for days and had a cumulative effect on my psyche. I highly recommend this program to anyone in search of new levels of truth, depth and harmony

in their life.
— S.B., Peru 

Dr. Liberman is a gem, whose gentle and wise reflection allows one to safely and clearly see into the depths of their own heart. His gifts of healing, wisdom and vision are masterfully woven into each interaction and the guidance he provides. I am grateful we have crossed paths and honored to call

Dr. Liberman my friend and mentor. I highly recommend him.
— C.B., California

I highly recommend Jacob Liberman's work. I signed up for one on one mentorship with him from the start, after reading his books, and it was one of the best choices I have made for myself in my life.  I gained a tremendous amount of insight and value working with Jacob, specifically with regards to my physical, mental and emotional health.  I am physically healthier, stronger, more balanced, happier, more joyful and experience more peace day to day as a result of our work together.  Thank you, Jacob, for your phenomenal guidance and insight.

— A.G., Florida

I am touched by who you are, your capacity for compassion and love, your profound generosity and sensitivity, your willingness to be vulnerable and share your truth to the core of your being. You are

a wonderful role model for me — my teacher, my mentor and most of all, my friend.
— A.J., Australia

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