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I was eating at a local restaurant one evening and noticed a young woman starring intensely at her laptop. Out of concern, I introduced myself and asked her if she was having difficulty concentrating.

She immediately said yes and asked how I knew. I told her that I was a retired optometrist who had dealt with similar issues with many patients. She asked me if I knew what was causing her problem. I told her that she was probably having difficulty using her eyes together, which would make it difficult for her to attend, read and remember what she was reading. She immediately started crying and told me her attention span, reading ability, memory and physical balance significantly declined after she suffered head trauma as a result of an auto accident a few years earlier.

A Day in The Life

— Jacob Israel Liberman

And although she was doing better, she was still far from feeling like her old self. I told her that I would be happy to help her and showed her a simple vision training exercise to do at home.


A few days later we met at a coffee shop and she told me that after doing the exercises, she was able concentrate much better and keep track of details with little distraction. After our meeting, I was scheduled to meet another friend at the same café. Before he arrived, however, I noticed I had a message on my cell phone. To my surprise, the message was from a famous singer, who had seen one of my books and wanted to meet with me.


A few minutes later my friend arrived and started asking me what I had been up to. So I shared about the wonderful experience I was having helping the young lady who had just left, even though she could not afford to pay me. We continued talking for a while and I realized he had finished his coffee. So I got up and got him another cup.


An hour later, we were both feeling hungry and went to a local restaurant where I frequently dine. After we finished eating, I asked for the check, but instead was given a dessert I never ordered. When I told the server, she said that the management and staff appreciated me so much that they wanted to treat my friend and me to lunch and desert.

Before leaving the restaurant, I opened my organizer to look for something and, to my surprise, found a check for $500 that my friend obviously stuck in there when I got up to get him the coffee. When I asked him why he gave me a check, he said that he was so touched by the way I helped others and they responded to me that God told him he had to do it.


We walked out of the restaurant and almost immediately ran into someone who says, “You saved my husband’s life!”


At first, I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. But then she reminded me that I met her husband a week earlier at a local spa on his birthday when he was terribly depressed. However, after our meeting, she said, he came home very excited, couldn’t stop talking about our conversation and said that everything had changed for him. I thanked her very much, asked her to say hi to her husband and continued walking with my friend toward the lot where I had parked my car.


When we arrived at my car, I hugged my friend and as soon as I turned around, I found myself starring directly into the eyes of the famous singer, who was, coincidentally, right there with a friend of mine.
We spoke, hugged and went on our merry way.
What a day!

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