Life Mentorship Program

Life Mentorship Program


Prior to registering, please scroll down the page and read the information below.  To ensure that the Life Mentorship Program is right for you, please schedule an initial consultation here.  Please note, this will fulfill your pre-requisite for registering in the program.

  • The Mentorship Process

    This unique program is designed for individuals wishing to receive personalized, one-on-one guidance and mentoring with Dr. Liberman to support them in achieving their maximum life potential.

  • Program Duration


    • MONTH 1:   Weekly sessions are scheduled
    • MONTH 2:   Weekly sessions are scheduled
    • MONTH 3:   Every other week, sessions are scheduled
  • Each Participant Will Receive

    • 10 one-hour sessions, held by phone, Skype or Zoom over the 3-month period
    • The new Spectral Receptivity System III kit
  • Scheduling

    Appointments are scheduled upon booking.

  • Correspondence

    Email correspondence of up to two emails per week is permitted only for scheduling appointments or in case of emergency.

  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is critical to developing a trusted mentoring relationship. By registering here, I understand that all mentorship sessions will be held in confidentiality. 

  • Fees

    The fee for the Life Mentorship Program is $4500 paid in advance and includes everything noted in the above section, entitled "Each Participant Will Receive". Please note, this program is non-refundable.  By registering, I acknowledge and accept the terms of the program and its fees.

  • Agreement

    By registering today, I acknowledge that I am in sound psychological condition, and am capable of engaging in a 3-month program that focuses on improving quality of life, and the achievement of my personal and/or professional goals. I understand that the Life Mentorship Program is not a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy, counseling or coaching. I further recognize that vision and/or color exercises may be used in the program and that these modalities are not substitutes for medical treatment.


    I hereby certify that I have completed my initial consultation with Dr. Liberman and have read, understood, accept and agree to all the terms of the Life Mentorship Program by entering "I AGREE AND ACCEPT" in the field at the top of this page.